Erase my Back Pain Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

Erase my Back Pain

Are you going through severe back pain? Ready to fight back? Erase my Back Pain by Emily Lark promises its customers a quick relief from this tyranny with just a few exercises. Yes! You can kick off this back pain without any use of harmful pain killers or supplements.

Is Erase my Back Pain a solution to all your problems? Will it sort your back pain issue permanently? Read below to get answers to all your questions.

Things you Need to Know About Erase my Back Pain Program

Erase my Back Pain are not supplements but a program that offers a 10-minute exercise package. A number of men and women these days are experiencing severe deadly back pain. Back pain restricts a person from carrying out their daily activities and chores.

Erase my Back Pain only requires 10 minutes of your life. The product claims to be a permanent solution to your back pain.

If you are among those who want a completely free life from chronic pain and its related diseases, Erase my Back Pain is a solution to your problem. It is a yoga program that claims to free their customers from sciatica, stress, weight gain, and tendency.

PLUS POINT #1: Erase my Back Pain is a comprehensive yoga program that would free you from sciatica and other back pain problems permanently.

Erase my Back Pain is a revolutionary program which guides their customers about core strengthening exercises. The program was designed very carefully by Emily Lark.

You can do the exercises at any time anywhere without getting any breaks. As these exercises are not tiring at all, one would not need any break for sure.

Following this program would help you to release tense and strained muscles. This will help you to have immediate relief from the pain.

Erase my Back Pain is a series of twists, forward bends, gentle backbends, and side bends.

Yes! If you follow this program, you would be surprised to see that you no longer require any surgery for the chronic pain of sciatica.

About the manufacturer

Emily Lark is the creator of the Erase my Back Pain program. She has experience in the scientific study of pain and sciences of human motion and kinesiology.

INTERESTING FACT: Emily Lark herself was a patient of sciatica. She found relief from the chronic pain of sciatica through the Erase my Back Pain program.

Emily Lark herself went through the same chronic pain and cured it through her program; it gives hope that her product is effective. She was a patient of sciatica.

Many products in the market claim to be a solution to your chronic pain. However, Emily Lark from Totally Healthy Back System has formed the program differently.

While curing your back pain, Erase my Back Pain also helps in strengthening your abs and other parts of the body.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Erase my Back Pain?

There are many noticeable benefits to Erase my Back Pain program. The program is not age or body shape restricted. No matter what body shape you have or what your age is, you will definitely start observing the benefits.

Erase my Back Pain is a comprehensive revolutionary program that does not require any special expensive equipment.

PLUS POINT #2: With the purchase of Erase my Back Pain, you will get two E-books which are, “Back to Life Yoga- Bedtime Back Relief “ and “Back to life Guided Meditation”.

Another benefit that can be discussed is its 60 days 100% money-back guarantee policy. Also, the program is not gender restricted; all men and women can enjoy the product. Erase my Back pain is an effective product that does not require a lot of time.

Talking about the cons of buying it, Erase my Back Pain has only one possible con. The customer can only practice the product if they have an internet connection. Plus, without an internet connection, you can also not buy it from any local store.

If you are going through any special medical treatment or have a medical condition, you should first consult the doctor as not every move would be beneficial for your body.


The two bonuses Emily Lark is giving are:

1. Back to Life Yoga – Bedtime Back Relief
2. Back to Life Guided Meditation

Additional details of the product

If you are among those people who can not get on the floor to do exercises, you can only follow the exercises done on a chair. Level 1 exercises are completely healthy to get you back on your routine. They can be easily done in a chair.

If you feel like exercises have sore your body, skip a day or so and then continue. It all depends on your stamina. Some people prefer doing level 1 exercises twice a day while some do only once every day.

There is no need to rush to another level. Feel relaxed and proceed to the next one if you get control of your body. You can go straight away and begin with a level 2 or 3 too.

What are the pricing details of Erase my Back Pain?

Erase my Back PainYou must still be wondering if this product is worth the cost or not. So, talking about its affordability, the product originally cost $99.95. However, the current sale is selling the product at a discounted price of $37.

PLUS POINT #3: Erase my Back Pain assures the quality of their program by giving their customers a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

The transaction of money is safe. You can pay through PayPal. If you at any point during the 60 days of purchase find the product ineffective, you can get all your money back. This means no hassles, no support tickets, and no more confusion.

Emily Lark is offering two types of the deal:


Deal #1 is a digital deal. It offers a digital download only at a cost of $37 only.


Although in Deal #2 you will get an added bonus, which is the physical book, you will not be charged any extra. The deal originally cost $99.95 but on sale, it is for $37; same as the digital deal.

If you want a refund, you would not be asked to return the DVD series. Yes! They want their product to help as many people as they can.

If you have bought the physical version deal, you are more likely to get the parcel within 5 to 7 days of the purchase if you are living in the United States of America or else you would get it within 12 to 14 days of purchasing. However, you can have immediate access to the digital series of the product.

Since the product is only available online, buy it only from its official site to avoid any scams. For further queries, contact them at


In a nutshell, I think the product is totally worth it. Erase my Back Pain is an all in one solution to your problems. The program not only helps with your lower back pain but also contributes toning your abs and other parts of the body. The core strengthening exercises would help you to get free from all kinds of chronic back pain permanently.

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