Zenith Labs Trim 14 Review – A Natural Supplement for Losing Belly Fat

trim 14

Are you worried about your saggy belly? Don’t be! Zenith Labs’ trim 14 promises its customers a flat belly in just a few months. Mark your calendar and observe a remarkable difference in yourself after 6 months. Trim 14 targets the 14 belly fat triggers giving you the perfect body shape. Read below to learn more about the product.

Are Zenith Labs Trim 14 supplements a scam?

Belly fat, especially baby belly fat, has become one of the leading concerns of distress. Mockery and bullying have stolen the self-esteem and confidence of many people.

Zenith Labs has come forward by formulating Trim 14 supplements for them. Zenith Labs is well known in the market for producing natural and effective supplements. It is located in McHenry, Illinois.

PLUS POINT #1: Zenith Labs is giving its customers a 6 month 100% money-back guarantee on their unsatisfied experience.

Trim 14 are supplements that not only work for your stomach region but also target other parts of your body. It lowers appetite and boosts metabolism.

There are many formulas in the market which claim to accompany you in your weight loss journey. However, these formulas only target a few fat belly triggers and not all.

Before the supplements reach you, Zenith Labs will make sure that they go through comprehensive and detailed clinical trials and research.

What are the ingredients of Trim 14?

All ingredients of Trim 14 supplements are extracted from natural sources. Losing weight is definitely not an easy task. The active ingredients used in the formula are:


Chromium is an essential compound of Trim 14 as 300 mg of it is used. It controls appetite as well as reduces the inflammation of fat cells in the body.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps to increase metabolism and boost the breakdown of fats into energy. Raised levels of it will improve your metabolism and functioning of the body.

Trim 14 contains 120 mg per serving of Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

White kidney bean extract

White kidney beans lower the amount of alpha-amylase in the body. Alpha-amylase is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

Trim 14 contains 120 mg of white kidney bean extract.

Guarana seed

Guarana, a South American fruit, has the potential to reduce your unnecessary food cravings. It lowers your appetite and makes you feel full.

Trim 14 contains 75 mg of Guarana seeds.

Green coffee bean extract 

It helps in releasing essential enzymes. Green coffee bean extract works as a partner with white kidney bean extract.

Trim 14 contains 150 mg of green coffee bean extract.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones trigger the body to use fats as a source of energy rather than carbohydrates.

Trim 14 contains 150 mg of raspberry ketones.

Garcinia Cambogia

It is an Indonesian fruit that helps in making your body fatty acid free. Trim 14 contains 150 mg of Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract.

IrvingaGarbonesis Seed Extract

The source of IrvingaGarbonesis Seed Extract is the mango plants. It helps in controlling appetite. Trim 14 contains 150 mg of IrvingaGarbonesis Seed Extract.

Korean Ginseng Root

The compound is useful, especially for lethargic people. Trim 14 contains 150 mg of Korean Ginseng Root.

What are the benefits of Trim 14?

Zenith Labs ensures complete customer satisfaction. The most amazing thing about the company is that they are offering a 6 month 100% money-back guarantee.

So, it means no hassles, support tickets, and confusion. If you are not satisfied with the product during the use, you can get all your money back even if the bottle gets empty.

Six month period is enough to test the effectiveness of the product. Zenith labs are 100% sure about the quality of their product as it is cGMP certified.

PLUS POINT #2: Trim 14 together with belly fat targets other parts of the body too.

All the capsules before the packaging go into the checking system. Trim 14 is a certified product from the USA.

The product is made from all-natural ingredients. Up till now, none of the customers has reported any side effects.

Trim 14 is a fat burning supplement. It improves metabolism and boosts the process of ketosis. It does this by producing fat-burning hormones.

The creator of Trim 14 carefully selected those natural ingredients which will trigger all the 14 fat triggering points in the belly. The perfect blend of the ingredients ensures a quick fat loss journey.

The product claims to improve the overall health of a person including metabolism, energy levels, and mood swings.

Trim 14 reduces your appetite and unnecessary high sugar food cravings. The capsules are easy to use and carry. All you need to do is just take one capsule before every meal.

What is the negative side of Trim 14?

The only negative aspect of Trim 14 is the availability of the product. You can only buy it from its official site. Trim 14 is not available in the local market.

PLUS POINT #3: Most of the customers review Trim 14 as an all in one solution. In addition to weight loss, it lowers fatigue and mood swings.

People who are going under certain medical treatments or using medications should consult a doctor before using Trim 14.

What are the pricing details of Trim 14?

trim 14Trim 14 is an affordable yet effective solution for your obesity. You can only buy Trim 14 through its two official sites. It is not available in any local store or on any other online platform, so stay away from scams. Zenith Labs are offering 3 supply packages. The packages are:

First supply package

The first package offers you a 30 day/1 month supply that is 1 bottle. If you subscribe and add the product to the cart you will save $34.90 (44% off). It will then cost you around $44.10.

However, if you chose a one-time purchase option, the bottle will cost you $49 and you will then save $30 (38% off).

Second supply package

The second package offers three bottles that are a 3 month/90 day supply. On subscribe and save 10% more option the bottle will cost you around $105.30 ($35.1 bottle). Every 3 months, you will be able to save $131.70 (56% off).

The one-time purchase option will cost 3 bottles for $117 ($39 per bottle). Here you will be able to save $120 (51% off).

Third supply package

The third package is a 6 bottle package of 6 month/180 days. Subscribe and save 10% option will cost 6 bottles for $178 ($29.70 per bottle). Here you will save $295.80 (62% off).

On choosing the second option, you will buy 6 bottles for $198 ($33 per bottle) and save $276 (58% off).

Zenith Labs are so sure about their quality that they are also giving a 6-month money-back guarantee to their customers. There is no shipping or handling cost. For any further queries, you can contact them on +1 (800) 928-1184 or email them at support@zenithlabs.com


Is Trim 14 worth it? Definitely yes! Trim 14 is an easy way to target your 14 belly fat points and get in shape. All you need to do is just take one capsule after each meal; 3 capsules a day. So simple and easy! Trim 14 claims to accompany people on their weight loss journey. In addition, they are also offering a 6-month money-back guarantee to their customers.


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